Are you looking for somewhere to start your Personal Training career? or maybe you’d rather have a private space to train your clients instead of a gym?

I’m still looking for someone to join me down at the studio

There is quite a demand for private personal training and if you’re willing to commit for a few months and don’t have your own kit then I will buy more equipment for the spare space so there’s no overlapping in schedules. Low cost rent(cheaper than a gym), privacy and lots of equipment sounds like a great deal to me

You may be thinking well where’s the catch?…

No catch, I just ask for some commitment and your name on the lease(it’s a rolling month to month contract, don’t worry)

Sound fair?…

If you’d like to come down for a cuppa and a look around then send me a message, I’m pretty friendly

(I’m also open to other professions such as sports massage, physio, nutritionist etc or anything really )


We love to work with local communities and organisations. If you have a project or event that you would like us to be involved with then please get in touch!

Email - info@bethebar.co.uk